Natural Salt with Rope

Weight: 1~2 kg
Size: 10x12 cm
Packing: 12 pcs


Natural Salt with Rope

Weight: 2~3 kg
Size: 10x14 cm
Packing: 08 pcs


Natural Salt with Rope

Weight: 3~4 kg
Size: 10x16 cm
Packing: 06 pcs


Natural Salt with Rope

Weight: 4~5 kg
Size: 10x18 cm
Packing: 04 pcs

On Demand:


GM Salt is Offering Himalayan Animal Licking Salt For Horses, Cows, Buffaloes And Other Animals.

Himalayan Salt is a Best bioenergetics resource for animals, excellent feed supplement for All Horses, Cows, and buffaloes, sheep’s Goats etc. Animals will eat what they need and Licks provide energy and protein.
Himalayan Salt Licks are 100% Natural Crystal Salt, which are as pure & unpolluted today as they were millions of years ago, from the primal ocean (the source of life).
They contain up to 84 minerals & trace elements and are extremely beneficial for the growth and overall health of all farm animals, big game animals and pets. Salt licks are used for Horses, Cattle and for attracting various wild animals like Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose and Antelope.
Salt licks have long been used to ensure that horses and other animals receive all the minerals required for optimal health. Like humans, horses lose body salts through sweat during exercise. This makes salt supplementation even more vital throughout the hot summer months. Even during restful days, your horse will require around 10 grams of sodium a day. Sodium is one of the main electrolytes found in the blood and in the fluid surrounding cells. When sodium levels become low the adrenal glands release the hormone aldosterone, which instructs the kidneys to retain sodium and excrete potassium in its place, thus creating an imbalance.
Himalayan Animal Licking is Available is different Shapes
1) Himalayan Salt Lumps (Rocks)
2) Himalayan Salt with Rope Available in Different Weight Sizes