Himalayan Salt Caddy Jar

Size: (4x4x5")
Packing: 06 pcs


Himalayan Salt Caddy Jar

Size: (4x4x6")
Packing: 06 pcs


Himalayan Salt Caddy Jar

Size: (5x5x7")
Packing: 04 pcs

On Demand:


GM Salt is offering unique Himalayan Salt Caddy Jars with Salt Lid.

Each Himalayan Salt Caddy is hand carved from a massive boulder of Himalayan Salt This unique Salt Caddy Jar with salt lid has the ability to store ground herbs, salt and spices fresher and longer.
Himalayan Salt pulls moisture away from the stored spice or herb and helps prevent oxidation. Looks great on the kitchen counter!
Uniquely packaged on an Eco-friendly cork base wrapped in a natural netting bag for protection. Has an anti-microbial quality to prevent food cross-contamination.
It serves the dual function of holding your salt and creating beauty with its luminescent pink. Add ambience, and receive the healing benefits of this ancient treasure.
The caddy will transport your dining to an out of this world experience.
Packing: Individual and Master Carton Box Packing.