Salt is extracted to be processed further from the famous Himalayan Salt Range that includes Khewra Salt Mine containing the best quality pink salt present all over the world. Moreover, the Himalayan Range has a rich history as the extraction of salt from here goes millions of years back.

In order to build the required amount of trust with the customer, free samples of salt are provided with the application of a wee bit terms and conditions.

The use of latest equipment in addition with the presence of highly skilled personnel for the supervision of the process makes the obtained product one of the finest ones in the market.

Pink Himalayan Salt has a wide range of uses that primarily include industrial, food, decoration (salt lamps, salt brick wall), and air purification through ionization.

We only deal in the Himalayan Rock Salt.

The minimum quantity to be shipped is kept to a 20 ft. container.

We accept orders on 30% advance and the rest will be paid at the time of surrendering Bill of Lading copy FOB Karachi Port or (CNF) to nearest seaport of client premises.

We work on (5+/-) tolerance level in term of weight, value and quality.

Please share your Purchase order (PO) with SKU detail, Bank detail for wire-transfer (30% Advance), Customized Packaging, Branding and labeling requirement/instruction (if any) Destination Port detail with Landing date, Official Shipping line detail (if any), any special requirement.

Once you get confirmation on a sailing vessel, you need to transfer remaining 70% due payments.

To initiate your order, we require 30% Advance payment against purchase order (PO) and remaining 70% due payment will be wire-transfer once you get confirmation on the vessel sailing from the origin port (Karachi Port) hence the 100% payment should be made prior 14 working days landing the vessel at destination port. In case of late payment ETA

(Estimated time arrival) demur rages will be borne by buyer/notify party.